What is Rayon Fabric- Origin, Uses, and Is it Perfect for Summer Dresses?

Are you looking for a sustainable material for dresses to shop from? Usually, people tend to get skeptical about the popular summer choices of cotton and viscose rayon fabric. The evolution and popularity of rayon are still an epic mystery, as most people are unsure about it. Highly used rayon fabric clothes comprise a combination of properties from wool, cotton and silk fabrics.

Getting a grasp of the usability and origin of the viscose rayon fabric is essential to understand its significance. Unless you have a thorough knack for this fabric, it is hard to understand its utility. Read out below to get a detailed outlay on the viscose rayon fabric, how it’s made, types, uses and characteristics that make it a perfect solution for the humid weather!

What is Rayon Fabric?

A well-known and reputed French scientist named Madelene Charnaux invented the rayon fabric in the year 1855. It is manufactured out of the organic polymer prepared from the regenerated cellulose.

The rayon material is prepared from purified cellulose fabric and is made from wooden pulp. It is a combination of natural and man-made materials. This fabric needs certain chemicals in the process, thus making it a perfect semi-synthetic fabric.

Numerous types of rayon fabrics are available in the market, and viscose rayon fabric is the most popular. It is an immensely breathable, moisture-absorbent and highly preferred fabric for summer wear. This material is widely used for a vast range of men’s and women’s wear.

This fabric is also used in making women’s kurtis and dresses. You can also opt for other types of rayon, like modal rayon, made of beech trees, and lyocell rayon is its other variation.

How is Basic Rayon Made?

The main type of rayon is the viscose rayon fabric prepared from cellulose fiber, a specific raw material known as wood pulp. It is prepared from pine, beech or bamboo. Below are the steps of making rayon in detail.

  • Dissolving Wooden Pulp:

    For making rayon cloth, the manufacturers dissolve the wooden pulp inside the caustic soda, also popularly known as sodium hydroxide, which is further converted into alkali cellulose.

  • Creating Xanthate:

    Next step is to chemically treat the alkali cellulose with carbon disulfide to create the cellulose xanthate.

  • Conversion into filaments:

    The cellulose xanthate is pushed through the holed device known as spinneret that transforms the solution into filaments.

  • Shape formation:

    All the filaments are then put across the sulfuric acid bath for solidifying in the form of fibers.

  • Spinning into the Fabric:

    Final step of this manufacturing process is to spin all fibers into fine-quality filaments of rayon fabric.

This final fabric is used for making rayon fabric clothes and especially the summer wear kurta and dresses for women.

Top Qualities of the Viscose Rayon Fabric

Below are the peculiar characteristics of the rayon fabric:

  1. Smooth Texture:

    Original rayon cotton fabric is extremely comfortable and has a very nice texture that’s soft to the touch and offers a similar level of comfort and breathability to that of linen and cotton.

  2. Shiny:

    Rayon material is widely known for its unique sheen, consisting of low sheen to fine quality glittering texture.

  3. Drapey:

    This fabric is widely known for its ‘Fluid Drape,’, which refers that it moves across in a seamless manner. It indicates that rayon is not rigid like other sturdy materials such as canvas and can easily sustain wrinkles.

  4. Moisture-Absorbent:

    Rayon is not water-repellent but more absorbent than cotton fabric. Its high absorbency range makes it a perfect fabric for humid weather conditions. This fabric soaks away all the heat and moisture from the skin. However, this material is prone to getting shrink and is not considered apt for dry-cleaning or machine washing.

  5. Breathable:

    The rayon cotton fabric is originally warm, indicating that it does not retain heat. Instead, it is a comparatively breathable and cool fabric making it an easy pick for daily wear clothes.

Is Viscose Rayon Fabric Good for Summer?

Rayon fabric clothes are extremely smooth and silky, with a very soft texture like linen or cotton. It is known for its fluid drape, which means it flows easily instead of rigid and retains the proper shape.

The viscose rayon is commonly used in various clothing items as it is moisture absorbent and helps stay cool in all weather. It is an ideal fabric for loose drapes, tops and bottoms. This fabric is breathable and can easily dry to keep you cool after rigorous exercise.

It is a wonderful fabric known for its silk-like sheen, smoothness and cheaper range compared to other materials. Suppose you compare rayon Vs. Cotton, the rayon material, is a better alternative in terms of affordability. This fabric is also a perfect alternative to natural silk and is widely used in everything from lingerie to blouses.

Is Rayon Easy to Clean?

Viscose rayon fabric is an extremely easy-peasy kind of option for regular and athletic clothing. There are options like rayon cotton fabric or the one with a blend of silk. Each of its types comes with a certain set of washing instructions to follow.

It is available in versatile textures and choices easily. As rayon is not a very durable fabric, the machine wash could result in the shrinking or bleeding of the fabric. Thus, hand washing is recommended to retain its appearance for longer.

Why is Rayon Used as a Fabric for Dress Materials?

Rayon is a specific type of fiber that replicates silk. Owing to its origin, this fabric has numerous similarities to cotton, linen and silk. Thus, this becomes an affordable and easily available option for dress materials and women’s kurtas.

The rayon fabric clothes are very soft to touch and also lightweight. They are fine-grained and comprise a unique texture, and easily accept dyes as compared to other fibers such as cotton.

Owing to its adaptability of easily taking hues, this material mimics pricey materials like leather or suede at cheaper costs. Thus, it is widely used in making kurtas and dresses for women. A certain type of odor related to the rayon fabric varies from mild freshness to a plant-like smell.

Another reason rayon is preferred for dress materials is its stretchy characteristic. It is almost 30% more stretchable in its length but has a matte finish. This fabric allows your garment to rest easily on your body and keeps you comfortable while moving around in it.

The Viscose rayon fabric is smooth, soft, inexpensive, and has a napped finish. It is a good option reserved for both casual and daily wear clothing. Fashion-conscious people can pick this fabric for special occasions to get optimum comfort with a good appearance.

What is the Difference Between Rayon Fabric Vs Cotton?

Absolutely not! Rayon and cotton are both different fabrics having distinct properties. Cotton is a comparatively natural fabric with numerous benefits, like better breathability. On the other hand, even cotton also has better durability than rayon. However, cotton cannot hold its shape when worn for a longer time and might also get wrinkles on it.

Rayon fabric is wrinkle-free and works well in humid weather conditions. It does not hold its shape well like other materials like silk or polyester. The best part about rayon cotton clothes is they do not require frequent ironing for the perfect look. If you discuss rayon vs cotton, they both have different uses.

Cotton is preferably used for formal dresses like shirts, jeans or T-shirts. Rayon is flowy and highly preferred for women’s dress materials.

Is Rayon a Natural Fabric?

Rayon is a highly absorbent fabric compared to other options like silk or cotton. Though it is not a completely natural fabric, the fabric offers optimum comfort for daily wear. It is manufactured by regenerating cellulose, and multiple stages are followed for the process completion. This fabric offers a combined feel of rayon and cotton and is known as the magical fabric!

Final Thoughts

The viscose rayon fabric‘s amazing uses and versatile features make it a trending pick in the fashion industry. It is half-synthetic but still evokes a complete feel of natural fabrics. Many celebrities also endorse this fabric as its soft and eco-friendly.

Women can search online and browse through the latest collection of rayon fabric clothes with fine detailing like embroidery, handwork, exclusive prints, embellishments and prints.

Even in dresses and kurtis, rayon is used in different styles like floral prints, geometric prints and stunning solid colors. These options are perfect for modern-era women who make conscious fashion choices. Whether you are looking for casual wear kurtis or ethnic, embroidered or intricate work dresses, rayon is widely in all styles.

The lustrous and imperial rayon fabric is worth including from your office wear attire to your daily wear clothes. Explore the latest collection in rayon clothes online to make some smart choices and ace the fashion game like a pro!

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