Top Navratri Chaniya Choli Styles and Trends for 2022!

Twirls, layers and vibrant hues of Indian Chaniya Choli are mystical! For centuries, ethnic wear in India has undergone a massive transformation as there are new tweaks and additions to the existing styles. Chaniya Choli Dupatta is a 3-Piece traditional attire of women in India specially designed to enjoy the dance moves during Navratri!

Navratri is a 9-day long festival of dance, Garba, Dandiya and pooja of Goddess Durga, who comes in to shower her blessings on everyone. Have you seen Navratri Chaniya choli designs? Are you looking for blissful patterns and ideas to take your fashion game a step ahead in the upcoming Navratri galore in 2022?

What is a Chaniya Choli?

Eager to know about the traditional chaniya choli for navratri? The Lehenga choli is an ethnic three-piece attire for women. It comprises of a long skirt with big flair, a choli (Blouse) and a beautiful dupatta draped in versatile ways to accentuate the look. For decades, women of India have been adorning the chaniya choli for various ceremonial occasions, weddings and festivals.

The mid-riff is left bare in this traditional attire, thus highlighting the physique, and women can also drape the dupatta as a saree pallu as per their choices. It can go perfect for every occasion. In Gujarat, women adorn the latest chaniya choli design in distinct patterns. The concept of chaniya choli has existed since the 10th Century in North India and further evolved as a piece of exquisite craftsmanship during the Mughal era in the 12th to 18th Centuries.

Over time, there were various royal fabrics like silk, cotton and brocade on which the designs were curated. Women can pick from hand-woven or hand-stitched designs as per their choices. Ranging from the regal bridal lehenga choli to the traditional chaniya choli for navratri; there are numerous patterns to choose from!

How to Wear Chaniya Choli Dupatta for Garba?

Feel the Real Essence of Navratri with Gujarati Chaniya Choli this season!

Chaniya choli has a wide skirt ghagra with multiple flairs and also comes in a gathered pleat look. Numerous avatars and styles of navratri chaniya choli are worn in discreet patterns all around Gujarat and Rajasthan. Further, you can find deviations in styling at Baroda, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and other regions here. You can also check out chaniya choli online and choose from your favourite designs. There are numerous vibrant patterns and colours available in these lehengas.

Sneak out below for the top chaniya choli design for the upcoming Navratri season in 2022.

Top Navratri Chaniya Choli Designs to Try in 2022

India is a land of festivals where different occasions are celebrated with full pomp. Navratri is amongst the most widely celebrated festival in India that marks 9 days of uninterrupted fun, dance, Garba, dandiya and pooja of Goddess Durga.

It is also an occasion when men and women deck up in designer attire to experience the celebratory vibes with their friends and family members. Dance styles like Dandiya and Garba are highly popular in various states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Whether it is the patola chaniya choli, cotton chaniya choli or the patoda chaniya choli, there are endless options to browse and choose from. Women deck up in bright colour desi look chaniya choli and glam up the look with oxidized chunks and silver accessories of different varieties. Are you also looking for styles that can get you the desired attention at the event nights?

We have compiled a list of the latest chaniya choli design that you must take a glimpse at.

  • Chaniya Choli in Prints

    The latest designer chaniya choli collection is much beyond the conventional styles. There are amazing prints and patterns available in this style, like 3D, Floral, or block prints. Such type of eye-catchy design is very lightweight and easy to carry for the Garba nights. You can check for the luxurious fabrics of these lehenga designs, such as satin, Georgette, Crepe, Silk, Velvet and crepe. One can also experiment with various hues like oranges, deep reds and even rainbow hues.

  • Layered Chaniya Choli for Navratri

    Grab yourself the multiple layered chaniya choli for Navratri that can accentuate your look and appearance with an extended grace. Go for pieces that have traditional embroidery over the waistline and hemline, along with the matching blouse that includes intricately detailed work on it. Accompanying it with the bright coloured contrast dupatta is also a leading trend these days.

  • Kali Chaniya Choli Design

    Craving for more sophistication and grace? Go for this head-turner chaniya choli design that is bound to fetch compliments from all over. Pair this along with the hand-embroidered blouse that is easily accessible in vibrant hues. You can pair it with the plain kali-style lehenga with the contrast border that serves as a great idea to flaunt your curves. Adding top flaps to the design can impart you modern and bold touch.

  • Mirror Work Chaniya Choli

    The charm of the dandiya dress remains incomplete without the glitz and glimmer of a mirror into the ethnic couture. Go for the epic shisha work and kutch embroidery chaniya choli with Kodi or cowry work on it. Signature navratri styles also include some patchwork on the Garba attire giving it a further appeal. A contrast colour dupatta is a perfect addition to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Kutch Embroidered Cottom Chaniya Choli

    Do you know how old the history of kutch embroidery work is? It dates back to the 16th and 17th Centuries when people migrated from various countries like Greece, Afghanistan, Germany and Iraq to Gujarat for trading purposes. The Rabaris from Giri region first started crafting this peculiar embroidery style with a square chain that is interlaced using a buttonhole. Kutchi embroidered chaniya choli can perfectly go with an embroidered blouse and the kali-style lehenga with a contrasting border.

  • Gamthi Embroidered Chaniya Choli

    Gamthi is another traditional embroidery style evidently seen during the festival of navratri. It is usually curated using a thick woollen type thread in distinct geometrical shapes and lines. Many women wear chaniya choli with Gamthi embroidery in floral designs also. Small butties on a full flair Gujarati chaniya choli with a fancy blouse and heavy georgette dupatta is a great combination. It can perfectly complement your look. Adding interesting embellishments like minakari, gotta Patti, zari, Kundan, Kutchi work, and Resham work is a great idea.

  • Patola Chaniya Choli

    Another amazing style to pep up for Navratri Khelaiya is the patola chaniya choli, which has an interesting patola print all over it. Women who do not prefer much jazz yet wish to look stylish can opt for this type of chaniya choli. There can be small embellishments to accentuate the attire’s look.

Apart from the lehenga styles, there is a distinct type of choli pattern trending in this Navratri season. You can opt for peplum tops, high-low blouses, deep-back short choli or any other preferred blouse style that complements your physical structure and personality.

Women also have a plethora of dupatta styles to choose from, such as the tie-dye pattern, heavily embroidered dupatta or the cotton mirror work ones. Get dolled up in the chaniya choli design that suits you and imparts a wonderful appearance to your persona!

Wrap Up

There are numerous fashion trends to choose from when it comes to the latest trends on designer chaniya choli for navratri. Your style defines your persona and adds a blissful side to your character. Being edgy or going classy is completely your choice, and you have 9 days to experiment and try out distinct chaniya choli designs from the market.

If you wish for some add-ons, it is also a great idea to invest in some heavy jewel chunks and bangles that complete the look. Many females also prefer a kurti instead of a choli with a designer navratri skirt and a dupatta to dazzle on the Garba night. What’s your pick for the season?

Do pour in your queries, suggestions or any specific chaniya choli design that could unveil a unique trend or tradition with an added touch. Till the, slay out the navratri look with complete style and elegance!

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