How to Style Kurti with Jeans? – Slay the Kurti Look Like a Diva!

Summers call for some ‘breezy’ attire picks! What’s more appealing than cotton kurtis with staple denim? The biggest fuss here is how to style different kurti styles with jeans for a stylish look. Keep reading to learn the best kurta styling hacks with a modern twist to slay it like a fashionista!

No matter how many trends hover over across the fashion industry, the staple Indian fusion combination of kurta and jeans remains unchallenged. This is an undisputed amalgamation of modern and traditional styles which perfectly complement each other.

Are you also enthusiastic about embracing a trendy kurta with jeans? Many women prefer the classy and elegant look of the chikan kurti with jeans or the side-cut long kurti with denim. But they need to decide how to style them perfectly.

The below guide will spill beans on small knick-knacks of styling kurti with jeans. So, here’s what all ladies need to know for acing the look.

Things to Remember while Styling Kurti with Jeans!

Do you want to look modern while wearing comfy kurtas? Keeping track of a few things can enable you to make the right decision. Here they are:

  • The right kurti combo selection is crucial to look like a pro. There are a few classic kurti styles that go flawlessly with any pants or outfit.
  • Make a sizzling fashion statement by choosing the sophisticated kurti design with jeans for an exceptional look. Go for colours like white, black, denim, and epic chikan kurti for a safe pick.
  • Shop out the most trendy kurti designs and patterns that complement your body shape, structure, and skin tone. Simply following fashion trends won’t help in providing the right solution.
  • Team it up with a slim fit or rugged jeans to ankle length for an edgy appeal. Choosing lighter tones of denim further enhances the look of the kurti.
  • Accessorize the look with cool watches, hobo bags, scarves and oxidized Jhumka chunks for a perfect add-on.
  • Explore the diverse types of kurti with jeans options, including various styles, cuts, fabrics, lengths and patterns which suit your preferences. Anything you find apt is definitely the right choice for you.

Style Guide on How to Wear Kurti with Jeans- Be the Show Stealer!

Women and girls out there, get ready to notch up the fashion game this spring with the kurta fervour! Bring back some hustle with a fusion yet casual and comfy look of a trendy long kurti with jeans.

Here are the various options to explore:

  1. Trendy slit kurti with jeans

Girls and women craving for that edgy look must hover over the alluring trends of high slit kurti. The modern and elegant combination of high slit kurti tweaks its traditional vibe and creates a symmetry between fashion trends.

Hone this outfit and step out for that fashion-forward outing. Try abstract prints or a signature white kurti in chiffon fabric with a high-slit style. You can certainly go right with this.

  1. Front Slit Kurti with Jeans

Up next is the styling of a modern kurti with jeans. Do you like to reveal a bit to slay the kurta outfit this season? Then, go for the front slit kurti paired with the staple denim attire. It is a generous outcome of traditional and contemporary fashion formats.

We recommend experimenting with pastel hues like peach, lavender or pink, which complement the Indian skin tones. Front slit outfits are available in both fancy and festive styles to choose from. Pair it up with black or blue jeans, jeggings or treggings as per your comfort and convenience. This fantastic ensemble accentuates the feminine streak even more.

  1. Side slit Regular Kurta with Jeans

If you are amidst confusion about what to wear for a casual outing with friends or family, the sleek design cotton kurta with a side slit is perfect. This style beholds simplicity and class at the same time.

Apart from being highly comfortable, the side slit kurta is also widely popular amongst the women. Go for a classic black chikan kurta with sea blue rugged denim for a modern effect. It can sync well for all types of unique occasions and events.

  1. Straight Cut Kurti with Jeans

The most flattering silhouette and an immensely unique pick is the trendy straight-cut kurti with a pair of denim. It is a trendy and well-balanced outfit, which is a no-brainer when it comes to kurti styling.

You can either pair it with jeggings or slide it over your favourite pair of jeans. A straight-cut kurti is undoubtedly an incredible pick for a timeless look. Bold block colors are mostly preferred with this kurti styling. Wear a beautiful pearl or diamond studs and a sleek watch to complete the look.

  1. Jeans and Peplum Kurti Style

Are you not a kurta lover and still want to explore its styles? Then, the modern and top-style peplum kurtis are a must-have in your closet. Peplum kurtis are a fabulous addition to your closet and bring a fantastic twist to conventional attire.

The white or beige designer peplum kurta with black jeggings or jeans can impart a perfect transition for any social outings or gatherings.

  1. Tail Kurti and Jeans Style

Do you like to play with symmetry when it comes to outfit styling? Then, you won’t mind the tail kurti and jeans combination for sure. It is the epitome of distinct sophistication for those seeking a fashionable kurta to style with jeans.

Tail kurti have a higher front while flattering long length at back. Wearing a satin tail kurta in abstract print or the tunic tail kurta can be the perfect merge of contemporary and classic designs.

  1. Minimalistic Kurti and Jeans Style

If you are fond of very minimalistic and chic-style outfits, then the staple chikan kurta set is all you need. It is a perfect addition to the daily casual styling, which adds a versatile appeal to the whole look.

Minimalism is the latest fad, and teaming up a colourful or pastel chikan kurta with jeans can always complement your look. This type of kurta resonates with fashion sensibilities and offers a young vibe to your persona as well!

  1. White Kurti with Jeans

The onset of summer lures you towards a lot of whites in the wardrobe. Pairing down a white kurti with small prints, embroidery or the plain ones can look stylish and elegant. A subtle denim jeans with pristine white kurti is a must-have in your closet.

Opt for some breezy fabrics such as cotton, linen or viscose rayon to offer you an airy vibe. The classic contrast of white and blue can never go wrong for anyone. Embrace the harmonious symphony of white kurti and steal the limelight without any jazz or drama in your attire.

  1. Long Kurti with Jeans Style

The allure of graceful long kurti and jeans is mesmerizing. It is a hack for short-height girls as long-length kurtis provide the height elevation. The elongated silhouette of long kurtis paired with the classic jeans curates a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles.

It adds the optimum level of elegance and comfort to your attire. There is a myriad of long kurti designs, patterns and styles available in the market to choose from. It depends on you to choose a unique design for creating a chic fashion statement.

  1. Short Kurti with Jeans Style

Still figuring out ‘How to style a short kurti with jeans?’ Why not try out the short kurti styles available in a myriad of designs? Ranging from hobo prints to embroidered designs as well as pleated patterns, there’s a lot of room to indulge in these playful Kurtis.

Escape the conventional kurti styles and switch to the playful options available in abundance. When you go for a short kurti, choose tapered ankle-length jeans to slim down your figure. Another idea is to wear trendy chunks and oxidized bangles for a complete look.

  1. Shirt Style Kurti and Jeans

Assimilate the formal and casual elements with shirt style kurti and jeans. When you need a relaxing outfit and yet want to experience fashion, the shirt-style kurti and jean works wonders.

The slim-fit black jeans with tunics or shirt-style kurta is a contemporary and classic style statement which imparts a polished look. It can make you appear trendy and elegant at the same time.

  1. Black Kurti with Jeans

Nothing can beat the grace and grandeur of a designer black kurti with jeans as a flawless ensemble for any outing. It retains a monochromatic elegance with a sweet and subtle look that is perfect for any occasion.

A black kurti looks stunning on anyone and adds a spark to your personality. This combination has visual appeal and is ideal for parties and outings. Just evaluate your skin tone and body type and select the classy black kurti to slay in full swing!

  1. Chikan Kurti

The vogue and craze of Chikankari kurti knows no bounds. Intricate embroidery on rich fabrics and subtle hues is a heartthrob amongst women of all age groups. Wear your favourite chikan kurti with a cool pair of jeans to get that glamorous and classy look for which every modern woman yearns.

Other Fusion Kurti Styles to team up with your favourite pair of Jeans:

  • Kurti and Baggy Jeans combination
  • Plain Kurti with scarf, waistcoat and denims
  • Pakistani Kurti style with jeggings
  • Multi-slit Kurti and Jeans
  • Asymmetrical kurti and jeans
  • Collar Kameez kurti with denim
Essentials of Styling a Kurti Perfectly!

Here are a few things to keep in mind for styling a kurti perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans.

  1. Balance

    Slim-fitted jeans and flowy or loose kurtis are a perfect combination. They serve as an ideal balance together. Avoid loose-fitted jeans to stay away from that clingy look.

  2. Contrast

    Focus on creating contrasting patterns and colours to make your outfit stand out from the rest. Opt for neutral and bold colours along with intricate prints over it to make it look appealing.

  3. Accessories

    The right accessories can accentuate the vibe of your kurti to manifolds. Team your kurti with stylish bangles, earrings and handbags to bring in that added style punch.

  4. Footwear

    Go for footwear complementing your overall appearance. Wedges or heels look classy as they mark sophistication and elegance.

  5. Occasion

    Choose the right kurti and jeans ensemble according to the occasion and moment. The embroidered and embellished kurtis are perfect for festive events while keeping it plain for casual wear.

In a Nutshell

Kurti is a magical fusion wear that can enhance your style and appeal significantly. The key to styling jeans and kurtis is to include contemporary and traditional elements in perfect proportion. Showcase your personal style and signature look with the addition of accessories you love to adorn.

Browse web to explore the vibrant and fashional kurti styles and patterns to team up with denims for endless possibilities. The above-stated kurti types are a treat to the eyes, and women can include them in their wardrobe to depict endless transitions.

Shine out amongst the rest with your unique style game!

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